AIRREX Air Suspension System for V8 VANTAGE ”USED”

AIRREX Air Suspension System for V8 VANTAGE ”USED”


This AIRREX air suspension system is exclusive to the ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE.
It was installed on the ACR PERFORMANCEGT4 just to be displayed at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.
It was removed as soon as the show was over and was therefore only used for a few days.
This suspension set is a top-of-the-range model and can be moved from outside the car using an app included in the phone.
The entire set is included for installation in the vehicle.
The shock absorbers used in this system have been specially selected for racing use.
It is used but in very good condition.

このAIRREXエアーサスペンションシステムはASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGEの専用品です。
2020年の東京オートサロンに展示するためだけにACR PERFORMANCEGT4に取り付けました。


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